Tweed airport growth could mean more state funds for East Haven, but Carfora says it’s not enough

Expansion of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport — and specifically the construction of a new, 74,000-square-foot, carbon-neutral terminal with 4-6 departure gates on the East Haven side of the airport — could more than double the payments the town gets from the state, officials say. East Haven currently collects $462,000 a year under the state Payments in Lieu of Taxes program for tax-exempt property in town, Mayor Joe Carfora said in his recent State of the Town address. While a new terminal would provide no additional real estate taxes, Tweed officials estimate a new terminal would increase PILOT payments to the town considerably, Scanlon said. But a possible PILOT increase isn’t enough to satisfy Carfora. Carfora previously has talked about the need to create an “enterprise zone” with financial incentives for businesses in areas affected by the airport. Avports, the Goldman Sachs-owned company that has operated Tweed for the Airport Authority for more than 22 years, has proposed spending up to $5 million on a package of “community benefits” for areas bordering the airport. But the shape those community benefits might take has yet to be defined.

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