State proposes removing Route 10 bridge over Route 322 in Southington

State officials are finalizing plans to remove a nearly century-old bridge carrying Route 10 over Route 322, replacing it with a regular intersection and traffic light. The change is part of a larger state Department of Transportation project that will reconfigure the Route 10, Route 322 and Old Turnpike Road area. State officials hope to begin construction next year and have a virtual public information session scheduled for Monday. Bridges carrying Route 10 and Route 322 over the Tenmile River will be replaced under the plan. The y-shaped intersection of Route 10 and Old Turnpike Road will be reconfigured so that Old Turnpike Road will be a distinct right-hand turn. The $11 million project will also add sidewalks and widen the Old Turnpike Road and Route 322 intersection to allow better turning.

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