City finalizing property acquisition for South Norwalk school

The city is finalizing terms with the property owner, who has requested the location be kept confidential until the sale is complete, according to Alan Lo, Norwalk Facilities and Building Manager. Lo anticipates the city will bring the final contracts for Common Council review and approval next month. Lo also plans to ask the Board of Estimation and Taxation for a special appropriation of $4 million for the project, which would appropriate the remainder of the $76 million the city recaptured from closing out two previous school construction projects in January. The city is assembling the necessary documentation to submit a grant application to the state for the project by June 30. If approved, the state would reimburse the project at a rate of 22 percent or $16 million. Lo told the Common Council in January that he expected the project to be completed in three years from June 30. He anticipated the school to open in time for the 2025-26 school year.

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