Stamford train station’s new parking garage finally opens: ‘A long time coming’

As federal, state and local officials celebrated the opening of the new parking garage for the Stamford train station Monday, at least three used essentially the same phrase to describe the occasion: “a long time coming.” On Monday, Mayor Caroline Simmons laid out the features of the new facility: 914 parking spots, 92 charging stations for electric vehicles and 120 bike spaces. More than 28,000 commuters use the Stamford Transportation Center every day, Simmons said, referring to pre-pandemic data. From the parking garage, travelers will have access to the Track 5 platform as well as a pedestrian bridge to the station. State bonding funded the $100 million project, according to a release from Gov. Ned Lamont’s office. Coinciding with the garage’s opening, state officials released a master plan for an overhaul of the train station.

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