Enfield opposes proposed solar facility, will look into hiring an expert to intervene

Town officials are vehemently opposed to a proposed solar facility at 141 Town Farm Road and will be looking into hiring an expert to intervene on the town’s behalf. Lonestar Energy of Avon has petitioned the Connecticut Siting Council for a ruling on constructing and operating a solar electric-generating facility on a 12.1-acre property that would include putting up a total of 4,702 panels off Town Farm and Abbe roads. The surrounding area includes a mix of farming and residential development. Enfield must contact the Siting Council by March 9 to apply for intervenor status which, if approved, would allow a representative of the town to speak during a scheduled hearing against the proposed facility. The Siting Council has jurisdiction above towns and cities on certain infrastructure projects, including solar energy facilities and telecommunications projects.


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