Stamford schools to spend $12M of COVID relief funds on 23 air quality projects

About $12 million of the COVID-19 relief funds sent to Stamford schools will go toward ventilation projects. Kevin McCarthy, director of facilities operations, told Board of Education members last week that the school district has identified 23 air quality projects to tackle. Some $10.5 million for the projects will come mostly from the third installment of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funds, also known as ESSER III. The other $1.5 million will come from the second installment of ESSER, which was a $14.5 million allotment in relief funds, and runs out in September of 2023. Stamford schools received $32.6 million in ESSER III money that must be spent by September 2024. McCarthy said school HVAC stuff does regular cleaning of coils inside rooftop units, but the duct cleaning the district is looking to do is a lot more involved.

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