Spring 20222 roadway resurfacing is on the horizon in Bristol

As weather gets warmer, Spring 20222 roadway resurfacing is on the horizon, said city officials. Beginning April 21, streets will be milled and resurfaced. Residents can anticipate work on Daniel Road, Holley Road, Carriage Road, Country Lane, Artisan Street, Marine Court, Root Avenue and High Street from the Queen Street intersection to the cul-de-sac. Road efforts will be completed in two phases with the first consisting of mill actions to remove bituminous pavement. Crews in the second phase will install new bituminous roadway surfaces quickly after. The city will repair any damaged driveway aprons after the resurfacing. City officials noted there may be minor traffic delays during the process, but streets will continue to be open for local traffic, emergency vehicles and mail delivery. No parking signs will be placed temporarily during the resurfacing process.


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