Middletown seeks development proposals for prime downtown real estate

The city’s Economic and Community Development office has issued a request for proposals for developers interested in building on the prime real estate near the Connecticut River. The federally designated opportunity zones, which offer “scenic and panoramic views,” include a 1.5-acre city-owned parcel at 60 Dingwall Drive, the police parking lot at 222 Main St., and a one-acre plot at 195 deKoven Drive, now owned by owned by ATD Realty, according to the bid request. Middletown already has invested more than $60 million on riverfront development, including the decommissioning of the riverfront wastewater treatment facility, and increased and improved public infrastructure along the city’s existing park, the RFQ says. The goal is to secure a public-private partnership to bring people and business to downtown, provide places for people to live and work, as well as become a regional attraction.


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