Removal of Route 9 traffic signals at dangerous Middletown exits could begin in spring 2027

The gravity of removing traffic lights that bring Route 9 traffic to a halt in downtown Middletown was evidenced during a state Department of Transportation informational hearing late last month. CTDOT Project Manager Stephen Hall delivered a presentation April 30 at Wesleyan University on the draft proposal to reconfigure exits in the often highly congested area near the Arrigoni Bridge and densely populated North End. The cost of the project aimed at easing the large number of crashes in the area is estimated at $143 million. Eighty percent of the project cost would be borne by the federal government and 20 percent by the state. Several downtown CTDOT projects have been completed or are underway, such as the pedestrian bump-outs on Main Street, reconfiguration of St. Johns Square, work on the Route 17 on-ramp to Route 9 North, and closing access to Route 9 at Miller Street, Hall said.

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