Proven State and Local Strategies To Create Good Jobs With IIJA Infrastructure Funds

State and local policymakers should use the once-in-a-generation IIJA funds to support investments that connect workers to good jobs; establish project-specific agreements to support workforce stability and local benefits; screen all bidders for responsibility; and enforce wage and equity standards with monitoring and partnerships. To the extent possible, cities and states should attach these requirements to all projects that receive IIJA funding as well as other types of government support in order to raise standards for workers and support good value on all public investments. Employers in the construction, manufacturing, and operations and maintenance industries frequently partner with unions to adopt apprenticeship programs that provide a steady pipeline of highly qualified workers. Registered apprenticeship combines classroom instruction with paid on-the-job training. For workers, earning a nationally recognized credential through apprenticeship can lead not only to high-paying jobs but also to opportunities for career advancement and even becoming contractors themselves.

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