Next door to Danbury’s sprawling Summit complex, plans for a warehouse headquarters in the wetlands

As the city works with the owner of the sprawling Summit office complex to build a school for 1,400 upper grade students, a New York-based moving and storage company has plans to build a warehouse headquarters just to the west. The plans by Clancy Moving Systems to build a 190,000-square-foot warehouse and associated buildings on 29 acres next door to the Summit is the latest example of Danbury’s booming west side. Consultants have already submitted a 290-page stormwater management report in preparation for a Dec. 8 appearance before the EIC. The project, which would be built in phases over two years to minimize the effect on the sensitive land, calls for the “disturbance” of 4,700-square-feet of wetlands, or about one-tenth of an acre.

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