Is Bridgeport’s Congress Street Bridge finally getting replaced?

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) in a statement said, “Construction is set to proceed by the end of 2022, with materials procurement through the winter and major construction beginning spring 2023.” The coronavirus pandemic has been one reason for the delay, according to the DOT, along with “design challenges and project management staff changes.” The Congress Street drawbridge got stuck in the open position over the Pequonnock River in 1997, during Ganim’s first tenure in office. The rusty hulk was demolished in 2010 under then-Mayor Bill Finch, who called it “the city’s most visible reminder of infrastructure neglect.” Ever since there has been talk about building a new structure not only to help the East Side and downtown economies, but also to improve emergency response. There is yet another possible wrinkle — the higher costs of construction materials that began rising during the start of the pandemic.

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