How Wegmans plans to construct first Connecticut store in Norwalk

Wegmans, the New York-based grocery chain that announced plans this week to open its first Connecticut location on Richards Avenue, intends to demolish an old office building and two adjacent businesses before erecting the new store, according to plans submitted to the city. Site plans filed with the city show the chain anticipates building a 255-space parking garage to supplement an additional 319 parking spaces planned for the project. The proposal still needs to be approved by the city before work can begin at 47 Richards Ave. — the site of the planned store. Since the property sits near a wetland, the project must first be approved by the conservation commission. Wegmans has offered no timeline for when construction might start or when it anticipates opening. Marcie Rivera, a spokesperson for the chain, has said it generally takes a couple of years between a store announcement and an opening.

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