Here’s what Connecticut will receive under the $1 trillion infrastructure bill approved by Congress

Connecticut’s all-Democratic Congressional delegation was effusive in praising passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, even after weeks of divisive and bitter infighting among liberal and moderate members of Congress. A much larger $1.75 trillion spending plan remains mired in debate and could be voted on before Thanksgiving. Although the bill does not include specific funding to repair and rebuild the I-84/I-91 interchange in Hartford, Rep. John Larson said Connecticut will now be able to push forward on the project and “achieve a 50-year goal of recapturing the riverfront.’’ Connecticut’s two senators said thousands of jobs would be created to help rebuild and expand infrastructure in Connecticut and the United States. Connecticut has an estimated 248 bridges and more than 2,100 miles of highway that are in poor condition. Connecticut will receive $561 million for bridge replacement and repairs over five years. Connecticut is expected to receive $3.5 billion for highway programs.

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