Developer Avner Krohn building an apartment empire in central Connecticut

Krohn, a Long Islander who grew up near Westchester County, has no relatives or family business in Connecticut. He broke into the real estate world in Brooklyn, and his early work was all near New York City. But Krohn, 40, has rapidly become one of the major development names in this region: He’s partnering with Zelman Real Estate to build 360 apartments in East Hartford and another 111 in Bloomfield. Mayor Erin Stewart and Downtown District Executive Director Gerry Amodio both praise him for coming back over the years to steadily take on new projects. The city has pumped millions of dollars into a facelift for Central Park and the appealing Beehive Bridge, but Amodio credits Krohn for bringing sorely needed private capital into the downtown renewal. Krohn seeks tax incentives from the communities he works in. But he insists that the value his projects create — construction jobs and new residences for tenants who spend in the neighborhood — far outweighs the cost.

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