Faltering negotiations between Danbury and the Summit could throw wrench in career academy as school officials explore other options

Negotiations between the city and the developers of the Summit have hit a snag when it comes to the proposed career academy that has put into jeopardy the future site of the $144.5 million school. Mayor Dean Esposito terminated negotiations between the city and developers a few days ago, disagreeing with some terms, he said. The two sides are expected to meet Thursday, however, to see if they can move forward with an agreement. The negotiations trouble comes days after word the estimated cost of the project has increased 46 percent to $144.5 million. City officials hope a state grant will cover 80 percent of the cost. The day after, the Summit returned with new concessions, and Esposito said he made the “really tough” decision to walk away to pursue other options for the schools. Danbury could build the academy on city-owned or privately owned property if plans for the Summit fall through, Esposito said.


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