After Allure terrace collapse in Stamford’s Harbor Point, BLT says inspections of other buildings imminent

Building management at the Allure — a luxury apartment complex built in 2017 by Building and Land Technology — told residents Tuesday afternoon that part of a fifth-floor outdoor terrace collapsed over part of its garage. City fire and building officials have ruled the area structurally sound and safe for residents. BLT told residents in an email that the construction and engineering teams on site ruled called the collapse “an isolated incident.” But in the wake of the collapse, the company told The Stamford Advocate that it would take a critical look at some of its properties. “BLT engineers and city building officials are investigating the root cause of this incident and then setting a timetable for remedial work,” BLT said in its statement. The city confirmed that it will “conduct visual inspections of other similar locations” throughout the city.

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