DOT proposes $25.5 million plan to replace Stonington borough viaduct

In a move that could have significant impacts on residents and some private property owners, the Department of Transportation has expressed its intention to replace rather than repair the 83-year-old Alpha Avenue viaduct at a cost of $25.5 million. During the year-long project, slated to begin in the spring 2026, traffic would flow along one side of the 625-foot-long span, while crews replace the other side. Once that work is complete, drivers would move to the new section so the remaining half of the bridge can be replaced. In the two documents, the DOT said the 83-year-old bridge is in poor condition, and that it is developing plans to replace it. The letter also said the DOT does not anticipate holding a public hearing on the plan, but that a public information meeting will be held after the preliminary designs are completed toward the end of this year. The press release states the federal government will pay for 80% of the project, the state 5% and the town 15%, or $3.8 million.

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