Amid fierce debate, North Haven school finds new potential site for expansion

Slate School has filed an inland wetlands application to build its campus for older students on Kings Highway parcels adjacent to its existing campus, according to Timothy Lee, an attorney who represents the school. The wetlands application is for 91 and 103 King’s Highway as well as the lower school’s current address of 124. In total, the properties occupy roughly 40 acres — 25 on the original campus and 15 on the new parcels, Lee said. Whereas on Ridge Road the school had planned to repurpose a church and erect a second building, the team would be starting from scratch at the Kings Highway site, according to Lee, who said the proposal would include the construction of one larger building. The application is eligible to be considered at a March 23 meeting of the Inland Wetlands Commission, according to Fredricksen.

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