After hazmat spill at Candlewood Lake Elementary site, Brookfield won’t shoulder cost or delays

After a hazardous materials spill at the Candlewood Lake Elementary School construction site last Friday, the town does not anticipate any construction delays or clean-up costs associated with the accident. The subcontractor has already notified its insurance company and had put a deposit down for the environmental clean-up company, according to Brookfield Fire Chief Andrew Ellis. Overall, DEEP deemed the environmental impact minimal, with no health-related hazards on-site. The department also noted that the contractor has been using a vacuum to remove and dispose of contaminated soil and material. About 20 tons of material have already been removed, Ellis reported, and he expects another 20 to be removed before the job is done. First Selectman Tara Carr, who began her term last week, was at the site early Monday to get a debrief on the situation and meet with involved parties. At that time, the vacuums were still hard at work in the muddy pits to clear the area of contaminated material.

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