With space at the new middle/high school an issue, Torrington school board considers eliminating lockers

Eliminating student lockers in the hallways of the grade 7-12 school is being considered by the Board of Education and project architects from SLAM Collaborative to gain more class space devoted to electives. Other options are also being weighed. Doing away with lockers is becoming more common in schools nationwide, and such a move could save about an estimated 1,580 square feet, said Amy Christmas, academic programmer and planner for SLAM. Samuelson said she understands the desire to put in additional space for pathways but the allowable area needs to be considered as it determines how much state reimbursement the city receives for the project. City voters approved the $159.5 million project last November. The city is slated to receive an 85% state reimbursement for the project, up from the 62% rate voters approved. The state’s share is about $135.6 million and the city’s share is about $23.9 million. Voters had faced an initial $74.5 million cost.


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