With closing date set for MIRA trash plant, Connecticut looks for a long-term solution

The agency that runs the regional trash-to-energy plant in Hartford has set June 30, 2022 as a target date to stop burning garbage and truck the waste instead to out-of-state landfills. Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority President Tom Kirk said Monday that he does not see costs to MIRA’s 51 member communities changing significantly after the conversion to a transfer station, but that will depend on the price of transportation and capacity of out-of-state landfills. Garbage is to be trucked to landfills in states that include Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. MIRA carries contracts with 51 towns, and 50 of those contracts extend through 2027. Each year in March, municipal leaders have the option of ending their agreements. Currently, towns pay MIRA $93 per ton. Gov. Ned Lamont earlier this year rejected state funding for a $330 million proposed upgrade of the power plant, saying he could not support “sending hundreds of millions of state taxpayer or electric ratepayer dollars to MIRA to attempt to keep a failing, decades-old facility running, right here in Hartford, where it impacts our vulnerable residents.”


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