With businesses and housing planned, Brookfield Village moves ahead with construction on its second phase

Construction on the second phase of Brookfield Village is moving ahead at the town’s Four Corners. The project’s second phase is expected to reach completion by the end of next year, according to George Walker, a marketing representative who works for Advantage Commercial Realty. The project’s first phase buildings are “100 percent leased up,” and advance leasing is underway for the second phase, Walker said. They’ve already locked down a restaurant with an Asian theme and “a real nice cafe,” he added. Project leadership is gearing up for a third phase with about “six or eight months of approvals” ahead for that, Rothman said, but what they’re expecting is to have two more buildings — one residential, and one mixed-use space. Should phase three proceed according to plan, they’d need to tear down another building, one that’s been used for “some land moving equipment,” and was a post officea few years back, Rothman said.


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