When will Stamford’s torn-up Summer Street reopen? Officials say sidewalks will be done first.

The sidewalks are under construction as part of the Lower Summer Street Promenade project, which includes widened sidewalks on both sides of Lower Summer Street (the section between Broad and Main streets), an improved streetscape with new lights and trees, a raised intersection to increase pedestrian safety and other improvements. Meyer said the project costs $2 million and $600,000 is funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation Community Connectivity Grant Program and $1.4 million is funded by the City of Stamford. Meyer said the sidewalk roadway construction began last spring, and much of it should be completed soon. “We anticipate that the sidewalk work will be completed by mid-March, and we are aiming for the project to be substantially completed by mid-April,” she said. “Final work such as roadway paving and light pole installation will be completed in early May.”


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