Tweed New Haven airport neighbors, officials meet on concerns over noise, fumes, proposed remedies

Several-dozen Morris Cove and East Haven neighbors of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport gave airport and city officials another earful about noise, traffic, fumes, too-late and too-early Avelo Airlines flights, saying neighborhoods on both sides of the airport are not suitable for expansion. The meeting at Nathan Hale School on Townsend Avenue was required as an annual condition of the Board of Alders’ approval last fall of a new, 43-year airport lease and sublease to Avports, Tweed’s longtime operator, which has yet to be signed. Scanlon also announced that Tweed and Elicker are addressing complaints about noise, fumes and flight hours by reaching “a voluntary flight agreement with Avelo to change some of their flight hours and change the way they start their engines and taxi to the runway to reduce both noise and fumes.” Effective immediately, “there will be no scheduled departures after 10 p.m.” and “no scheduled arrivals after 11 p.m.,” Scanlon said. “Since May, we asked them to not take off in those situations where delayed flights might arrive in the evening or early morning, Scanlon said.

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