Tweed New Haven airport eyes more parking after holiday shortfall

Over the holidays, even if for only a short time, parking was full to capacity at Tweed New Haven Regional Airport. Officials from Tweed and Avports, the company that operates Tweed, said they know of no one who drove to the airport only to find out the airport’s three parking lots were full. They said they are working to provide more parking for the short term — and additional parking is part of the plan when Tweed ultimately implements its $100 million expansion, which also will include a new terminal on the East Haven side of the airport. But that’s an expansion proposal for which Tweed — which has been issued cease-and-desist orders by the city twice in recent weeks for allowing people to park in unapproved areas — has yet to formally apply. Avelo spokesman Jim Olson said Avelo is working with Tweed to make things as smooth as possible for passengers.

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