Torrington residents asked to vote on more money for school project

Residents will be asked on Jan. 25 to approve borrowing an additional $20 million for the Torrington middle-high school building project, which was approved for $159 million in 2021. The referendum will be held at City Hall only, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters in November 2020 approved building a new middle-high school and administrative offices for $159 million. Earlier this year, the state legislature announced that instead of 65 percent reimbursement for all eligible costs for the project, that amount would be increased to 85 percent. When the school building project was approved in 2020, residents voted in favor of spending $159.6 million, with the expectation that, with about $85 million in state reimbursement, the city’s share would be lowered to $74.6 million. With the higher reimbursement, the city’s share was reduced to $28 million.

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