‘They created a miracle’: North Haven’s former Upjohn site transformed from ‘chemical cesspool’ to nature preserve

First Selectman Michael Freda said Brody and Gattilia, who turns 97 next month, were part of a group of citizens that banded together roughly 40 years ago to call attention to environmental issues on the land, located at the end of Stiles Lane. Through years of work, the company has turned 57 of the site’s 78 acres into a nature preserve featuring interactive trails. Called Brick Yard Point, the attraction will open to the public next week. It offers a stark contrast to the state of the land several decades ago, when it was “nothing but a chemical cesspool,” as Gattilia put it. Pfizer spent between $140 and $150 million on the cleanup, according to Downey, who described some of the remediation strategies. Treatments from heated underground metal pipes helped removed contaminants from the groundwater.


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