‘There’s no perfect option’: Norwalk presented with two designs for new high school

Architects from Kaestle Boos Associates presented two concept designs on Wednesday to members of the Norwalk BOE Facilities committee and the Common Council’s Land Use and Building Management committee, breaking down the cost, time and challenges presented by each scenario. The first design, Option A, would use a phased approach. The estimated cost for Option A is $191 million for a 347,000 gross-square-foot building. The construction timeline of the project is estimated at 55 months, spanning between May 2023 and December 2027. Option B would place the new school building where the high school football field and tennis courts are currently located on the south side of the property. The estimated cost is $193 million for a 331,000 gross-square-foot building. The project would be completed in two phases over an estimated 51 months.


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