Stratford awarded $6 million for new Main Street upgrades

The town has been awarded $6.4 million in state funding for the second phase of a years-long effort to upgrade the streetscapes that run through downtown. Much of the planned improvements are aimed at promoting pedestrian and cyclist safety, but Attota said they are also intended to better connect the central part of town with its surrounding neighborhoods. The town received the funding through the state Department of Transportation’s Local Capital Improvement Program, which was created to help towns and cities across Connecticut fund transportation-related infrastructure projects. Attota said the project is now in the design stage. Like the first phase of improvements to Main Street, the town is working with the engineering firm BSC Group to redesign the streetscape. The funding approval comes as the town seeks bids from construction companies for the first round of upgrades to Main Street. Attota said the town is aiming to begin work on the $2 million project next spring.

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