Statewide experiment to divert organic waste from trash underway in Meriden

About 1,000 Meriden households are the first in the state to participate in a food scrap co-collection program in the hopes of demonstrating how waste diversion solutions can help address the statewide disposal crisis. The Meriden households are customers of HQ Dumpsters & Recycling in Southington, a trash hauler who is participating in the four-month scrap collection program. The participating households, located outside the inner city, are scraping their plates and cooking pots into green bags to be turned into bio-gas at Quantum Biopower, another Southington facility. The pilot program in Meriden is funded through a $40,000 DEEP Save Money And Reduce Trash (SMART) grant. The residents were given the green bags to dispose of food scraps and other organic waste, to be collected at the same time as other trash in an orange bag.

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