State transportation projects need better oversight: DOT audit

The Federal Highway Administration has not completed guidance that state transportation departments need to administer programs supported by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and other federal funds, according to an audit released Monday by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General. The FHWA oversees approximately $350 billion in funding from the IIJA. The agency provided states with a list of 22 guidance issues in 2022, but as of November 2023 it was still working on four of these items. According to the OIG, FHWA’s review and approval of STIPs is designed to help state transportation departments meet federal requirements including reliable cost estimates and reasonably available funding. In response to the report, the highway administration agreed with the first recommendation and provided appropriate actions and completion dates, the OIG said. The FHWA partially concurred with the second two recommendations, providing an action plan for responding to outstanding technical assistance requests but saying it will only require reviews of division office procedural revisions for major changes.

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