State Contracting Standards Board says status quo funding would ‘gut’ the board

Gov. Ned Lamont’s budget proposal, released Wednesday, instead calls for allocating $218,770 to the Auditors of Public Accounts, a legislative agency whose mission is to “audit state agencies,” to fund three additional auditors. But the proposal does not adjust funding for the Contracting Standards Board, leaving just enough money to fund the agency’s two existing staff members — an executive director and an intern — and for the 14-member board to operate, according to board Executive Director David L. Guay. The agency has been requesting an additional $467,055 for more staff.
The governor’s new budget proposal shows $637,029 for the Contracting Standards Board in fiscal year 2023 but notes a zero net adjustment. Guay said that means the proposal will have no adjustments after the implementer bill rescinded funding, so it does not include the extra money for the additional positions. OPM could not immediately be reached for clarification.

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