Stamford’s Westhill and Roxbury school replacements will cost $387M. CT says it will pay $292M of that.

Two schools only a few yards away from each other in Stamford are slated to be torn down and rebuilt for about $387 million — and the state has agreed to put down roughly $292 million to get it done. The Westhill construction is estimated to cost about $301 million, of which the state has agreed to pay $241 million. The price tag for Roxbury is $86 million, with the state taking on $51.6 million. State funding for construction projects is based on a formula tied to a municipality’s wealth. In essence, the poorest municipalities in Connecticut get the highest reimbursement rates while wealthier communities receive a smaller reimbursement percentage. The list of recommended projects, including Westhill and Roxbury, will be voted on by the Connecticut General Assembly during the upcoming legislative session.

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