Stamford schools to get more state aid, including $200M for new Westhill High: ‘A game changer’

Among the long list of provisions in a recently passed state budget bill is another item that sets the reimbursement rate from the state for new school construction in Stamford at 60 percent, much higher than the 20 percent rate currently in place. The new framework will provide much more funding for the city’s ambitious master plan to construct or expand four schools, including a potential new K-8 school in south Stamford, and make improvements to many others. The estimated cost to implement the full plan is more than $500 million over 12 years. That’s a far cry from the 20 percent rate the state had agreed to pay late last year, which would have covered $51.6 million of the work. Heftman said the assumption that the city would receive a reimbursement rate of 80 percent or more for Westhill was viewed as a long shot, but “something we absolutely had to do.”

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