Stamford officials say developer BLT ‘went well beyond’ agreed parameters on South End project

City representatives and Government Center officials say that Stamford’s largest developer, Building and Land Technology, improperly began building at 21 Pulaski St. — a city-owned property that abuts the South End Charter Communications headquarters. Both residents and elected officials this summer began reporting construction work at 21 Pulaski St. In the fenced-off lot, the developer was pouring concrete for amenities like pavers, stairs, pathways and retaining walls for landscaping, according to Dalena. What the city expected and signed on to, he continued, was a much smaller scope of work. However, upon examination from the building department, city inspectors found electrical wiring on the site and light posts. The building department filed stop-work orders in response to the work at the lot, which the developer complied with, building department head Shawn Reed said. Though the construction work was halted, questions from board members on how it should respond to the developer’s actions remained.

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