South Windsor approves 165 more Evergreen Walk apartments after developer makes change

South Windsor planners have approved a proposal to build 165 more apartments at Evergreen Walk after the developer slightly increased the number of units to be set aside for affordable housing. Town officials and business owners at the shopping hub have argued that the new development is essential for nearby retailers and useful for generating more tax revenue. Only 6.8% of South Windsor’s housing qualifies as “affordable” by the state’s definition; towns are under pressure to maintain at least a 10% level. After initially proposing that 10% of its new housing would qualify, Evergreen Walk LLC recently told the commission that it would increase that to 12.5% by pricing four additional apartments at that level. By a 6-1 vote, the planning and zoning commission amended the zoning rules for the Buckland Gateway zone and also modified the general development plan for Evergreen Walk.

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