SoNo Collection mall needed $11 million in fixes following design flaws, developer alleges in lawsuit

The developer of the SoNo Collection mall in Norwalk is accusing the architect of the development of significant design flaws in the building that cost $11 million to fix, according to a lawsuit filed in state Superior Court. Brookfield Properties claims several mistakes by a Connecticut affiliate of architecture firm CallisonRTKL, which has offices globally and ample experience with major commercial projects, including those in complex city settings. Brookfield says the design bill for the South Norwalk mall added up to more more than $14 million, including amounts to subcontractors. Brookfield sued for the $11 million in repairs, as well as the costs of the lawsuit it was incurring. A mall elevator and stairway also had to be rebuilt to pass muster, Brookfield claimed, as well as a portion of the roof and other structural elements. And the company says it had to excavate to install needed plumbing it says CallisonRTKL designers failed to anticipate.

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