Silence sends loud message to Metro-North commuters: Getting There

Remember that Giulietti came to his new job after a stint as president of Metro-North. In that role, he held several meet-the-commuter events, handling himself quite well answering questions and defusing angry riders. After leaving the railroad, he became a consultant last year to T Y Lin’s study of how to improve running times on the railroad to achieve the “30-30-30” dream espoused by the Fairfield Business Council’s Joe McGee. That $400,000 study, using Giulietti’s input, said it could be done. Giulietti finally made a public appearance on April 26 when he and Metro-North President Catherine Rinaldi took a ride with Hearst Connecticut Media. Jacqueline Smith, a Hearst columnist and editorial page editor, challenged them in December to ride the Danbury branch to see the conditions.

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