School updates, new police building top Milford’s five-year capital plan

The five-year capital improvement plan totals just over $190 million with education ($88.7 million), sewers ($33.5 million) and police ($30 million) topping the list. The cost for the capital improvement plan in 2021-22 year is $40.6 million; 2022-23 is $54.8 million; 2023-24 is $28.1 million; 2024-25 is $43.9 million and 2025-26 is $22.3 million. School projects were the big-ticket item in the education part of the capital improvement plan. The Board of Education hopes to see upgrades or additions to Harborside, Live Oaks and Calf Pen Meadow schools. Harborside, at $15.7 million in anticipated updates, tops that list. For the police, the only item in the capital improvement plan is the construction cost of a new headquarters building. When it comes to the sewers, the plan covers various projects from the planned Milford Point and Gulf Pond pump upgrades to repairing the roofs at both Beaverbrook and Housatonic waste water treatment facilities.

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