Public comment sought Tuesday on proposed $379 million school project in Norwich

Residents, parents and educators are invited to comment Tuesday night on a $379 million proposed school construction project that calls for four new elementary schools, major renovations to one middle school and relocating central offices. After state reimbursement, the project would cost Norwich taxpayers an estimated $149 million. The School Building Committee will hold a public informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Kelly Middle School. School Building Committee Chairman Mark Bettencourt said he realizes the project is costly but said without a major restructuring of schools, the city will face growing costs to maintain old, cramped building with unequal education opportunities for city students. Renovations needed at the Teachers’ Memorial Global Studies Middle School would be the costliest in the plan at $99 million, with the city’s cost after state reimbursement at $32.1 million.

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