Proposed Budget Boosts IIJA Transportation Construction Programs

With almost $79 billion earmarked for highway, safety and transit programs, the budget also adds $9.5 billion to support the resilience, safety and sustainability of the nation’s transportation network via the bipartisan infrastructure law. Enacted in late 2021, IIJA is the Biden administration’s outline for “building a better America,” according to the Federal Transit Administration. Capital investment grant program resources would total $4 billion for transit construction. That adds $2.4 billion in FY 2025 appropriations to the $1.6 billion earmarked in IIJA spending. Grants totaling $8.4 billion would go to improving airport facilities including runways, taxiways and terminals. The budget achieves “meaningful deficit reduction through measures that cut wasteful spending and ask the wealthy to pay their fair share,” said Buttigieg.

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