Planned funding for projects at three Greenwich schools moves ahead to next step in budget process

During a vote Tuesday, the Budget Committee approved the additional proposed allocation of $2.5 million for architecture and engineering work for a new Central Middle School as well as the previously requested $1.5 million allocations each for design work for renovations at Old Greenwich School and Julian Curtiss School. Next, the proposed $464 million municipal budget will go to the full BET for a vote March 31, when members can still make motions to reduce or cut budget items. The BET will consider the budget line by line, hearing motions from the Budget Committee and other members, including on $87 million in proposed capital project requests. It will then go to the Representative Town Meeting in May for a final vote. The final price tag for the construction is not yet known. It has been estimated at $67.5 million for a future year’s budget, but more specifics would become clear through the ed specs as well as the initial architecture and engineering work.

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