Opponents of possible expansion of a natural gas pipeline in Coventry set to meet Thursday

The proposed station at Hop River and Bunker Hill roads, to be built this year, is meant to regulate pressure in the section of the Algonquin Gas Transmission Pipeline between Cromwell and Chaplin, according to filings with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Opponents object to expanded fossil fuel infrastructure and say methane from the fracking process and inevitable leaks along the line pose a hazard to humans and the overall environment. They are set to meet and invite the public to join them at 7 p.m. at the Booth & Dimock Memorial Library, 1134 Main St. in Coventry. At this point, however, the company is only exploring interest in the project, which would not begin until November 2029. More broadly, Copleman said, the strategy of Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration “is to provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy to the residents and businesses of Connecticut, and to achieve our state’s statutory target of 100 percent zero-carbon electricity by 2040, as set out by the General Assembly in 2022.”


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