Opinion: Developers cry a river over having to pay CT residents fair wages

Post Road Residential is angry that, by accepting a brownfield remediation grant from DECD, they are required to ensure the construction workers hired to perform work on their development project would earn not less than our state’s prevailing wage. They’re apparently also upset by having to ensure a certain number of housing units are set aside as affordable. In 2017, the bipartisan budget expanded prevailing wage protections for workers employed on projects funded with economic development monies. It passed with strong support from both sides of the aisle in both chambers. This was a commonsense initiative — if a private company is seeking public assistance dollars for development, then they’re going to in turn pay our state’s workforce a livable wage. Rather than echoing this developer’s gripes, the Town of Fairfield, and frankly DECD too, should instead stick to its principles. Fine, don’t take our money. There are plenty of other developers who will.


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