Offshore wind leadership is Connecticut’s to lose

Despite having a deepwater port uniquely suited to shipping assembled wind turbine components to sites off the East Coast and a manufacturing and technology capacity known worldwide, Connecticut is not yet poised to become a wind power hub in a $170 billion industry. If successfully launched, Connecticut’s wind power manufacturing industry will be a source of civic pride comparable to that of aeronautics and submarine design. The fact that no one at a statewide forum was talking about a whole new industry that could be revving up here by 2024, could re-tool the state’s manufacturing presence, enhance its educational institutions and jobs market and contribute to cleaner air is baffling. Maybe it’s Covid fatigue, or maybe the Lamont preference for working behind the scenes is putting a lid on the sort of buzz that generates support and keeps a project moving. In three years, progress has been made, and both the industry and the public need to see what Connecticut will do.

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