Norwalk under contract with 4 of 6 properties next to SoNo School construction site

With demolition complete and excavation underway at the incoming South Norwalk School, the city is working through acquiring the six properties abutting the construction site. Contractors are nearly halfway done with the process of controlled blasting to more easily excavate, Lo said. Following the completion of excavation, Newfield Construction, the project’s contractor, will begin setting the site’s footings, foundation, and begin grading and installing drainage. “We’re on schedule,” Lo said, noting that he will make a report to the school board next April indicating whether the construction is progressing enough for the school to welcome students for the fall 2025 semester. The project is currently slated for completion in August 2025. For the school’s construction alone, Newfield Construction can charge the city at most $51.8 million, a guaranteed maximum price that the Common Council approved in February.

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