Norwalk secures over $9 million in state bond funds to support housing, education, traffic safety

The city is receiving $9 million in state bond funds, including more than $6.4 million from the state Community Investment Fund, that will aid two redevelopment projects in South Norwalk. A total of $3.4 million is allocated to the redevelopment of Meadow Gardens. Under the authority of the Norwalk Housing Authority and in partnership with Sound Communities, the 54 units at 45 Meadow St. will be redeveloped into 55 new units and a community center. The State Bond Commission approved the bonds on Friday in the special meeting, in which over $519 million in general obligations allocations were approved statewide, as well as nearly $337 million in special tax obligation bonds that are mostly used to cover transportation projects such as highway construction and mass transit, according to Office of Policy and Management spokesman Chris Collibee. Another $3 million is going toward the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency’s project to improve the streetscapes in South Norwalk, with a focus on pedestrian mobility.

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