Norwalk plans $600K sidewalk project near three schools

Last month, the city released a Request for Proposals for a company to complete the curbing and sidewalks along Highland Avenue, in front of three of the city’s public schools. With the bidding period closed Monday, the city received three bids on the project, Transportation, Parking and Mobility Department Director Jim Travers said. The project is estimated to cost between $600,000 and $650,000, as part of the federal Safe Routes to School transportation program, Travers said. For three years, the $225,000 appropriated for Safe Routes to School was saved to be used on the Highland Avenue sidewalk project, Travers said. Safe Routes to School is a program run by the U.S. Department of Transportation that encourages infrastructure changes that make it easier for students to walk to and from school each day, increasing childhood health and decreasing environmental impact, according to the U.S. DOT.

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