Norwalk advances traffic signal modernization project with $3.4 M federal grant, ‘two new signals’

Norwalk has received a $3.4 million federal grant that will cover the design and construction of the new signals, among other traffic improvements. TMP requested $380,461 of the grant to be allocated to the engineering consultant VHB to design the new intersections and design a new transit signal priority system for 56 intersections. The Economic and Community Development approved the agreement with VHB for $380,461. The Common Council will vote to authorize the agreement as well. The intersection at Strawberry Hill Avenue and County Avenue will be designed in anticipation of the new Norwalk High School campus. Overall, the $3.4 million will cover the replacement of two traffic signals, the implementation of adaptive traffic signal technology at 19 intersections, improve pedestrian enchantment at 56 intersections and introduce transit signal priority at 56 intersections.

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